At LzLabs our vision is to liberate organizations from the constraints and limitations of their legacy systems and move them to flexible, more powerful and cost-effective solutions found in modern computing infrastructures. Learn more about how this ethos fuels our brand and values in all that we do.

Brand Values

Our technology is built to endure, and so are our company values. LzLabs was created on a foundation of beliefs which shape everything from our first interaction with customers through to software production that will underpin their organizations for years to come.


Our customers depend on us to develop solutions which solve their most complex IT challenges. We work tirelessly to build revolutionary products and services, and customers trust these to continue running long after delivery.


We are committed to our customers and partners. From the first meeting through post-production, we are by their side, dedicated to success and providing 100% clarity on their journey.


Our customers make courageous decisions, and so must we. We embrace challenge in all that we do, and even when the road ahead is unclear, we find a path to success.


We are continually faster, more efficient and innovative in all that we do. We embrace the world of opportunity in open-source and the cloud to enable agile, powerful solutions for our customers.


Only if we remain curious can we continue to provide products and services which revolutionize our customers' modernization journeys.


Our photography represents the bright, innovative future we work towards tirelessly for our customers. We show our people, partners and customers working hand in hand, and industry operating at scale, underpinned by revolutionary technology. We want to create a feeling of openness for the organizations we represent, and the innovation available to them in modern IT systems.


Brand Photography

Aim to inspire using a human and emotive approach.
Demonstrate technological innovation: a modern world of possibilities.

Case Study Photography

Show industry, infrastructure and technology at scale: major modernization for the world's largest organizations.
Connect LzLabs audiences to the scale of technological challenges we help companies to overcome.

People Photography

Our people are always focused and engaged.
Art direction echoes the brand color palette.

Technical Photography

Our technical imagery  speaks to today's latest technologies and innovation.
Follow the principles used for brand and case study imagery.


We speak to our audiences through typography to ensure our voice is clear and consistent.


Titillium is our main font face for all digital material.

Use Titillium for headers within print.

Vary the font weights within headers, rather than the colors.

Use LzLabs orange for call to actions.

Light blue to be used as a secondary accent color.

Download fonts

Open Sans

Only use Open Sans for body copy within print documents.

Use LzLabs orange for calls to action.

Light blue to be used as a secondary accent color.

Download fonts

We use three font weights for headers.

They can be used on their own or combined in order to emphasize key messages.

Try to use only two font weights together at any given time in a natural flow.

Typography Examples


Our brand materials should feel light and fresh. White plays a strong role allowing subtle, calming use of blue. Our trademark orange conveys action and purpose. Each of our brand colors has a role, and we avoid using any without a clear and distinguishable presence.


CMYK: 0-0-0-0
RGB: 255-255-255

CMYK: 8-6-7-0
RGB: 237-237-237
PMS: 663 C

CMYK: 100-79-40-33
RGB: 9-51-86
PMS: 540 C

CMYK: 100-76-26-11
RGB: 11-66-120
PMS: 7693 C


CMYK: 69-55-53-54
RGB: 61-67-68
PMS: 446 C

CMYK: 58-48-42-31
RGB: 100-101-106
PMS: Cool Grey 1O C

CMYK: 29-22-22-3
RGB: 190-190-191
PMS: Cool Grey 4 C



CMYK: 0-78-95-0
RGB: 252-80-1

CMYK: 72-8-22-0
RGB: 37-173-197
PMS: 631 C

Secondary & Tertiary Colors

The following colors should be used when needed in powerpoint and illustrative purposes.

Secondary Colors

CMYK: 83-51-47-42
RGB: 41-76-86
PMS: 7477 C

CMYK: 79-47-40-29
RGB: 55-94-109
PMS: 7699 C

CMYK: 68-33-30-11
RGB: 85-134-153
PMS: 7697 C

CMYK: 38-1-13-0
RGB: 169-216-224
PMS: 635 C

Tertiary Colors

CMYK: 80-13-66-1
RGB: 19-155-116
PMS: 3278 C

CMYK: 73-0-55-0
RGB: 17-186-146
PMS: 3395 C

CMYK: 64-0-44-0
RGB: 58-214-177
PMS: 3385 C

CMYK: 36-0-20-0
RGB: 164-255-233
PMS: 331 C


White and grey should make up the majority of our designs with color coming through imagery.


Our illustrations embody positive, energized movement, representing the journey we support for our customers, whether their businesses, technology or people.

Use vector graphics that can be easily reused.

Align illustrations to the brand color palette, predominantly blue.

Use similar stroke weights and a consistency throughout all illustrations.

Isometric style

Our isometric illustrations play a vital role in simplifying messages so they are easy to digest and visually engaging. These are used throughout our website, print collateral and explainer videos.

Illustrations should follow our color palette rules.


Our icons represent technical or business processes and should feel like they are part of the same family. Users should instantly recognize LzLabs icons through use of color and consistency.


The line stoke should be 4px with a round Cap and a round Join.

There should also be a 10px corner radius.

The icons should be grey and orange or white and orange depending on which provides the highest contrast.

The orange should only be used as an accent color.